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Gros Piton – Unique Climbing Experience!

Gros Piton, a world-heritage site naturally, is a volcanic plug, with an altitude of about 2619 foot. The mountain, one of the awe-inspiring twin mountains or ‘The Pitons’ as they are famously called, can be accessed only through its surrounding water body. What makes this trial and the adventure tour of St. Lucia at this stage perfect is the gift it delivers to those who braved the challenge – a breathtaking view of the Island in almost every direction and angle you gaze at!

There are caves, tunnels, landing sites, signal stations, and rock shelters abound along the way to the top, left by freedom fighters during the Salve rebellion in the year 1748. There is something for everyone, who are brave enough to accept the challenge of going to the top of this majestic mountain!

Start your trip to the enchanting world of sea and greenery with our St. Lucia private airport transfer, and go on to book an adventure tour to take you to the Pitons! You can then enjoy the spectacular views and the fruit of your strenuous climb from the top of the world, well, almost literally!

Put on your seat belts and get ready for one of the most thrilling rides of your lifetime – the Gros Piton Climb! The organized St. Lucia sightseeing tours will take you to the twin-mountains of Gros Piton and give you an opportunity to climb this marvelous, gigantic beast with our experienced tour guides!

Our adventure tours of St. Lucia come at an affordable cost and are accompanied by locals to make it all the more interesting and knowledgeable. Our guides and expert drivers have enough experience to bring out the best of your tours in St. Lucia Island!

Conquer nature in its most formidable form as you climb Gros Piton, one of St. Lucia’s twin mountains.  Approximately 2619ft above sea level, this climb is ideal for those who thrive on adventure and physical fitness.  As you view the breathtaking western coast of St. Lucia and beyond you will feel energetic, refreshed and rejuvenated.  This tour comes with a guide as well as water. Remember your camera to capture and save irrecoverable moments and scenic views. Don’t miss out on this climb of a lifetime.

Are you ready to conquer the summit? Call us for more details on the Gros Piton Climb!

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