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Fascinating Experiences of Exploring the Eastern Caribbean Islands

Eastern Caribbean Islands are famous for its natural beauty, adventure activities, nightlife, and history. It is a fantastic place to enjoy a vacation. If you are planning St Lucia island tours, you are going to experience everything that can add fun and excitement to your holiday. If you are visiting St. Lucia for the first time, there are a few things that you must try to make your holiday worthwhile.

  • St Lucia island tours offer the best natural view in the Caribbean Islands. The picturesque coastlines are mesmerizing and the famous Pitons- the volcanic peaks are marvelous.
  • You cannot miss staying near the Anse Piton. The white sandy beach with a lush green forest at its back and the view is just amazing. St Lucia island tours are incomplete if you don’t spend time soaking up the gorgeousness of the aspects of Gros Piton.
  • If you are up for some water sports adventure tours at St Lucia, there are plenty of options. The sandy beaches are open to tourists, and you can have unlimited fun here. You can visit the Anse Chastanet beach, Anse Cochon in the west or Marigot Bay in the north. Reduit Beach is another famous beach located in Rodney Bay. It is the most popular one in the Caribbean Islands.
  • Life underwater is a fascinating one. You can take St Lucia island tours including the Anse Piton reef. Here you can indulge in activities like snorkeling or watch the coral, needlefish, moray eels and many other underwater plants and animals. There are many spots where you can enjoy scuba diving. You can opt for the night dives and experience the breathtaking view of life underwater at night.
  • If you are up for some hiking and mountaineering, you can take a trek to Gros Piton. You can hire a guide and enjoy the trek on muddy slopes.
  • The tours in St Lucia offer diversity. There is a lot to do like taking a cycle ride, enjoying gondola ride or sit back and watch the beauty of Mother Nature. You can also indulge in activities like going on a historical tour.

Tour experience at St Lucia can be an outstanding one only if you know to make it and do the needful for the same.

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