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St Lucia Advance Tours is the brainchild of Ked Antoine, a lover of nature and fortunate to be a son of St. Lucia and all its out-of-this-world beauty! Determined to invest in providing the most amazing and unique package for each client.

We believe in stretching the boundaries and aim to be market leaders in innovation in the tourism products that we offer, contact us for more information especially if you cannot find what you desire on our website. We are waiting to hear from you and even more delighted to serve you soon!


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Ked Antoine - The Lover Of Nature

Our packages are designed to ensure that this vacation be one from a fairytale. We have captured a blend of various cultures and infused them into non-stop fun and adventure.  In this increasingly competitive industry our company continues to find new and innovative ways to usher in new and bold ideas in hopes of staying at the pinnacle of the industry.